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international spa therapy

Go on a 'World Tour' without a passport.  Spa Therapies held sacred throughout the world are now yours to indulge in.
2 hours - $195

Italians have long know the benefits of olive oil.    This ritual begins with an olive and Morrocan oil hair conditioning treatment and scalp massage.  Relax, and a warm application of a moisture milk will be applied to your body. Next, your lashes will be curled & tinted, brows will be plucked to perfection, and a natural tint applied.    Finish with a one hour enzyme facial to refresh dull complexion, all while wrapped in your warm cocoon.  “Ciao Bella”



3 hours - $185

It begins with a Mineral Bath infused with juniper & rosemary blended with pure thermal spring minerals from a 250 million-year-old underground sea.  It’s unique properties absorb easily into the skin.  Next, a relaxing one-hour Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage to work out the kinks.  Finish with a Pore-Cleansing Facial & Spa Lunch

90 min - $105

Originating in the ancient traditions of India, Ayurveda addresses all factors that influence our quality of life.  During Shirodhara, a steady stream of warm oil drizzles down the center of your forehead, easing expression lines, releasing tension, and clearing the mind. Next, a scalp massage of the Marma Points, and a traditional hour long Ayurvedic Massage.

90 min - $85

This Native American Healing Treatment begins with a sauna.  A dry bristle brush prepares the skin for the mineral rich clay, soothing muscles and drawing impurities from the skin.  After a shower, a detoxifying oil is massaged into the skin to continue the cleansing process.

90 min - $110

Relax, take a deep breath, and prepare to enjoy this traditional Ayurvedic massage believed to be just as essential to health and beauty as good diet and other lifestyle habits. Your dosha will be the guide to help select a particular blend of oils and scrub type. After your massage, your body will be cleansed with a traditional freshly blended "Ubtan" scrub.

​70 min - $85

When it comes to exfoliation, few things come close to a Korean Scrub!  It works wonders to peel away dull, flaky skin and impurities. Begin with a private shower and tub soak.  Your therapist will then scrub every crevice, leaving crumbs of the former you behind.  Next, a deep conditioner for your hair, cucumber mask for your face and a freshly blended yogurt and honey-oil mask for your body.   

​60 min - $70

Seaweed from France, freeze dried at the source and delivered fresh to you. Seaweed has 10,000 times more minerals and nutrients than seawater. Recline as your skin is scrubbed with aromatic mineral-rich sea salts. Next, a warm, thick layer of seaweed paste is applied to your body. While in your warm blankets, you're feet are rubbed. "Bon Voyage!"

2 hours $120

Throughout the Middle East, women have long known the benefits of deep body cleansing. We begin your treatment with a warm shower to soften your skin. Next, your therapist sloughs off layers of dead skin from your body. After a needed rinse you will receive a one hour massage with warmed rose and geranium oils. Finish with aromatic steamed towels for your face and body. "Ziba"

scalp massage
reflex foot rub (15 min) 
deep tissue neck & shoulder rub
hand or foot paraffin
firming seaweed mask
glycolic resurfacing peel
'Add-on' one, two, or a few to any treatment for a customized experience.
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