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Couples and Friends Spa Treatments

for Couples Spa Treatments at La Dolce Vita Spa

*Indicates package includes Champagne and Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Endless Summer™ Outdoor Massage & Tub Soak *

75 minutes - $195 for two people

Spend an afternoon in a private outdoor setting.  Sip champagne while luxuriating in a jacuzzi tub on a private patio.  You and your partner will each receive a One Hour Aromatherapy Massage, side-by-side.  


Couples 90 Minute Massage *

90 minutes - $175 for two people

Share in the deep relief provided by this 90-minute massage.  Your muscles will relax, increase circulation and reduce joint stiffness for better range of motion.


Celebrate Life™ *

60 minutes - $175 for two people

Celebrating Life is the spirit of La Dolce Vita.  Schedule a One Hour Massage with family and friends while making memories that will be cherished for years.  Cheers to Life! (Includes Cheese Plate)


Couples: Come Clean™ Skin Scrub + Massage​ *

75 minutes - $235 for two people

Come “clean” with a friend.  Please Shower Prior to Arrival. 

Come Clean Scrub™ Full Body Scrub with Imported Gloves and an Exfoliating Aloe Gel.  Next, a Hydrating One Hour Massage using our Whipped Butter-Cream ™ Get a clean start on your week.


The Back and The Feet For Two™ *

75 minutes - $175 for two people

For the parts that ail you most. After a stress relieving Back Massage, you will be indulged with a treat for your feet. A smoothing Foot Scrub followed by steamed towels and a relaxing Foot Massage.


Sweet Life Couples Massage™ *

75 minutes - $175 for two people

Over-worked and over stressed?  You’ll both drift off during this One Hour Massage that includes a Foot Scrub, and relaxing Scalp Massage.


Celebrate Your Love™ *

60 minutes - $175 for two people

A glass of bubbly will put you both in the mood for your One Hour Combination Swedish / Deep Tissue Massages, followed by a tray of chocolate strawberries.  Cheers to love!


Dog Day Afternoon with Tea and Biscuits™

60 minutes - $125 for one person and dog

Two One Hour Massages & Lunch, side-by-side... a perfect way to give back to the one who gives so much to you.  Our fur-babies love massage & lunch just as much as we do. Doggo-Lunch prepared by Pussy & Pooch PAWBAR.

Treatment Enhancements

Add any of these enhancements to your treatment for a more personalized experience.

Purifying Back Mask

​10 minutes - $10 per person

Scalp Massage

​15 minutes - $15 per person

Deep Heat Pre-Pack

​$15 per person

Reflex Foot Rub / Foot Scrub & Wrap

​15 minutes - $15 per person

Back Scrub

​$20 per person

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