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for massage treatments at La Dolce Vita Spa

Jacuzzi Soak, 60 Minute Massage & Brown Sugar Body Scrub

90 minutes / 120 minutes - $115 / $140

Relax stiff sore muscles with an Epsom Salt bath followed by a brisk Full-Body Scrub to keep your skin soft and smooth.  Next, your therapist will perform a 60 min Aromatherapy Massage. Choose from Swedish or Deep Tissue. Finish with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.


La Dolce Vita Spa Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes - $ 85 / $100

Melt under the hands of your therapist. Using a blend of Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques that combine kneading and long firm strokes to relieve tension, stress, and improve circulation. Drench yourself in relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes / 90 minutes - $ 80 / $110

For the athlete in all of us. A deep tissue massage works more aggressively to eliminate knots and tension, as well as restore blood-flow to oxygen starved muscles. Great to prepare or recover from physical activity and promote deep relaxation.


Aromatherapy Body Bliss

60 minutes / 90 minutes - $75 / $105

Restore your senses. Let us select a blend of pure aromatic essential oils, and soothing touch designed to energize, detoxify, or calm what ails you.


Computer User’s Therapy

40 minutes - $55

"It’s work related...really." Sitting at a computer all day can wreak havoc on your spine. We’ll focus on your back, neck and shoulders. Also includes massage of the arms, wrists and scalp.


Hot Stone Massage

70 minutes - $85

This extraordinary treatment involves the use of heated, smooth basalt stones rubbed across the body, to deliver penetrating relief to stiff and sore muscles. Sheer bliss!


Reflexology – Foot & Leg Massage

35 minutes / 60 minutes - $50 / $75

Based on ancient Ayurvedic theory, that all organs have corresponding reflexes on the soles of the feet. Strategic pressure is applied to the feet, toes, ankles and calves, releasing toxins and balancing your energy. Give in to this unique, timeless foot ritual.


Pregnancy Massage

70 minutes / Series of 6 - $85 / $425

Get ready for your delivery, while slow, deep and soothing massage strokes gently ease tension. Your body is tenderly supported by pillows. Great for fatigue, nerves, and mood swerves

Treatment Enhancements

Add any of these enhancements to your treatment for a more personalized experience.

Scalp / Hand & Wrist Massage / Purifying Back Mask

​10 minutes - $10 per person

Reflex Foot & Ankle Rub / Scalp Massage / Foot Scrub & Wrap

​15 minutes - $15 per person

Back Scrub

$20 per person

Fresh Face Mask (cucumber + lavender / hydrating milk + honey)

​30 minutes - $30 per person

Foot Bath & Reflex Foot Rub

​30 minutes - $25 per person

Clawfoot Tub Soak (cucumber + lavender / hydrating milk + honey / muscle relief)

30 minutes - $45 per person

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