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Spa Treatments

for Spa Treatments at La Dolce Vita Spa

Inch-loss Body Wrap

60 minutes / Series of 3 - $85 / $150

This treatment creates definite size loss by flushing bulky toxins from fat cells. All natural, guaranteed way to achieve definite size loss, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin, and leave you with a silkier texture. Regular treatments may reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Persian Body Polish

60 minutes - $80

Using ingredients imported exclusively for La Dolce Vita Spa, that remove layers of dead skin and reveal new youthful skin. Ingrown hairs are freed and ‘body-bumps’ are eliminated. After a shower, our Signature Grapefruit + Lemongrass Body Lotion is gently massaged into your skin.


Rose Petal, Milk & Honey Polish

60 minutes - $65

This fresh and fun scrub dated back to Cleopatra. Natural exfoliants gently whisk away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and refined. Shower, and finish with an application of our Body-Butter Hydrating Cream to lock hydration into thirsty skin.


Brown Sugar & Vanilla Bean Body Scrub

40 minutes - $50

This sweet, delicious body scrub smooths even the most sensitive skin. Made with Organic brown sugar, kukui, and macadamia nut oils custom blended to give your skin a delicate glow.


Pink Salt & Ginger Glow​

40 minutes - $55

Your skin will be soft and supple after this exotic scrub. Himalayan pink salts, known for their healing properties, will transform parched, flaky skin into polished perfection.


Sea-Salt Scrub

​35 minutes - $55

Remove dull surface cells and revitalize your skin with this brisk, skin-scouring treatment.


Detox Seaweed “Hand Roll”

60 minutes - $85

Relax, even nap, as we wrap your body in a warm mineral-rich seaweed, infused with botanical extracts and fruit enzymes to leave your skin smooth and supple. Helps eliminate toxins and rebalance the skin. While you’re processing, enjoy a pressure-point facial massage. Finish with a relaxing body-shampoo and shower. Finally, a lavish application of our Signature Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Lotion.


Body-Butter Hydrating Wrap

​50 minutes - $60

Your skin will be drenched in moisture. A rich emollient is lavishly applied to your body. Bake under the heat of a warm blanket, as we perform a pressure-point facial massage. You’ll emerge feeling silky-smooth. Great as a warm-up before a massage.

Treatment Enhancements

Add any of these enhancements to your treatment for a more personalized experience.

Scalp / Sinus / Hand & Wrist Massage

​10 minutes - $10 per person

Reflex Foot Rub

​15 minutes - $15 per person

Fresh Face Mask

​30 minutes - $30 per person

Foot Bath & Reflex Foot Rub

​30 minutes - $25 per person

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